CINDY:  Just can’t keep Larry away from the bars and scantily clad women anymore.  So I just leave him there and go walking.  Always know where to pick him up.  DSCF1739Anyhow, who knew you could drive to Skagway?  We were here years ago on a cruise but never saw the town because I picked (poorly) a rafting excursion.  What a cool, touristy, town!

I hadn’t been really excited about the history of the gold rush – but you can’t visit all these towns without putting it all together.  Skagway was the beginning of those poor idiot’s trip into a big mess.  We drove along one of the two main trails to the gold fields and think we had a much easier trip – plus the scenery was unbelievable.  DSCF1764 DSCF1709

Got TWO cemetery fixes – Skagway and the historic ghost town of Dyea.  Dyea was competing with Skagway to be the big gold rush town.  One April all the “stampeders” climping a really big mountain out of town were caught up in an avalanche.  Over 200 killed.  Walked through the old cemetery.  Bunch of kids a long way from home.  Town is now gone.  Larry will now no longer bet me.  Lobbed 4 “iffy” bets at him over last week.  He won’t bite.  C9-L9.DSCF1775DSCF1772LARRY:   Well, we probably need to start keeping score on who will take a bet and who won’t because I believe Cindy is also way up on the list of don’t want to bet as well!  And as far as leaving me in bars with beautiful young women, well that is more than OK with me!!!  But truth be told, Cindy has always been there with me, not that she doesn’t trust me, but she enjoys it more than I do!  And Ann, I didn’t realize that quaint was feminine or masculine, but if you and Cindy think it is, well I guess it is.  Or maybe you guys are just too masculine?