LARRY-  We made it to our last stop in Alaska which was very under whelming, at least the town of Hyder.  As we were told it is a boom or bust type of town and it is currently on the bust side.  However, we drove through it up into the mountains about 15 miles on a very rough dirt/gravel road and looked out onto an unbelievable sight of the Salmon Glacier.  It was coming down a mountain to a fork and divided going into two directions.  It was very cool to see and will be remembered for a very long time.  Stewart, Canada wasn’t much better, but at least it had a main street with several cafes and a grocery store and one gas station, and oh, it also had a glacier on top of the mountain overlooking it too.  So the scenery was pretty damn impressive!  The drive to Stewart was also beautiful and we did get to see another black bear and of all things, we saw a lynx.  It crossed the road in front of us and then stopped on the side of the road.  I pulled right up to it and looked directly into its eyes.  It was lying in the grass and stalking me!!  Finally, I guessed it figured we were too big to attack so it turned and ran up into the timber.  That is something you don’t see very often, and a park ranger said was extremely unusual.


Taken on the road into Steward

Taken on the road into Stewart

the toe of the Salmon Glacier on the way up to the top, probably 3-5 miles up.

the toe of the Salmon Glacier on the way up to the top, probably 3-5 miles up.

The top of Salmon Glacier.  This picture just not give justice to the sight of it.  The glacier is probably 13-15 miles up to the top.

The top of Salmon Glacier. This picture just do not give justice to the sight of it. The glacier is probably 13-15 miles up to the top.  And it is probably close to a half of mile down below where Cindy is standing.

Anyway, we are on the road again and made it to Jasper Park in Alberta Canada yesterday (Saturday July 11th).  Of course this is a major tourist stop and all the rv parks were full in the park so we drove through the top of it to the other side and was able to find the last spot in a RV park on the North East side of the park.  On the ride through the park, we saw a herd of elk that was laying on both sides of the highway with about a dozen cars pulled off looking at them.  A little further down the highway there was a sign with warning of wild life right before a bridge.  As I drove across it I had to hit my brakes as hard as I could from hitting about 10-12 big horn sheep that walked out onto the highway from the end of that bridge!  I guess they knew where to cross.  Anyway we had to stop traffic because they just walked down the middle of the road like it belonged to them.  Finally they worked their way off the road to the right and started licking the rocks, probably for the salt the use on the roads.  So the only thing that we haven’t seen yet is a grizzly bear.  (Although we did eat lunch yesterday at the Grinning Grizzly Pub!!!)

And I am sure Cindy will point out that she is ahead now on the betting, 10-9.  I thought we would have cell service at Hyder, damn it!!!

CINDY:  The scenery has been spectacular.  We keep saying “everywhere is like a freaking postcard”, and then it gets better.  Thought we might go “scenery blind” by now, but haven’t.  I do really miss Mexican food though.  Don’t every try Mexican restaurants in Canada or Alaska.  It’s just plain wrong.  On the plus side, though, we are now back in places that have NIGHTTIME!  We were really messed up to start with in Alaska.  Besides being three hours behind Missouri time, it never got dark – I never knew if it was beer:30 without consulting a clock.  Life is good.