CINDY:  We’ve been out in the middle of, literally, nowhere.  We have driven on “highways” for hours without seeing more than 3 cars.  So we pull into Jasper and Banff National Parks on a weekend (cause we really didn’t know what day it was) and pulled into the most horrific traffic jam in a park ever.  Knew we were in trouble when we saw the line of cars on the exit ramp.  DSCF2088The most scenic roads were closed because of forest fires.  We had to drive 40 miles away from the parks to find a rv park.  But – the drive between the two parks through the ice fields was one of the most spectacular drives we’ve made.

Now, on to serious stuff.  All of Alaska and Canada has been a huge history lesson of struggle and pain, but the absolutely most horrific story has been the one I’ve been watching for almost 2 months.  Larry has been unable to get satellite tv.  Probably 75% of the places we’ve stayed couldn’t even pick up local television stations.  Tonight we are about 50 miles from the US border, and Larry is outside moving his satellite from place to place – just trying to pick up a signal (unsuccessfully).  Most unbelievably painful thing I’ve ever seen.  DSCF2138DSCF2142

LARRY –  Well, when you pay this damn much for a dish, a receiver and programming, you would think you could at least watch it!!!!  Someday, there will be a satellite signal that I can get, Someday!!!!