CINDY: Since crowded Banff, we have toured our way through Calgary (a week after the Stampede – seems if you don’t make reservations on the day of your birth you don’t get in during the rodeo) and then had to stop at Fort MacLean – there is an UNESCO sight right out of town called Bashed-In-Head Buffalo Jump.  How can you not drive by?  Also saw the NW Mounty Museum and horse show.  DSCF2166Larry has not been able to find any shady ladies lately, so now he is hitting on any woman who will stand still.  DSCF2158 Hit the U.S about 5 days ago at Montana and have had no better cell or wifi than we did in Canada or Alaska.  We are definitely still in the boonies, but had the first GOOD Mexican food in over two months in good ole BABB, MT.  Spent a day driving through Glacier Natl Park, and if you want to see their glaciers you better get there soon.  Still, though, an amazing drive along a narrow, cliff-hugging, sky-high road that made me squeak a little.  DSCF2265 DSCF2200 DSCF2270

SCORE L10-C10 (Only because I tried to identify an elk by the way they look on the highway warning signs. Did you know their antlers look different in the Spring?)