LARRY – After seeing great scenery we headed down to Helena.  I first saw this town some 26 years ago and fell in love with it.  I was worried that Cindy would say what the hell?  But as it turned out, she really liked it as well.  There was an old part of town that was part of the old mining days and it was very interesting.  Plus the capital was very nice and some beautiful old houses and one hell of a cathedral.  Oh we did have a pretty good steak dinner which we haven’t had one of for about 2 months.DSCF2376 DSCF2395 The Capital

We then drove over 300 miles the next day.  Being able to drive 70 miles an hour sure makes it easier to drive that distance as opposed to 40-60 miles per hour in Alaska and Canada.  Anyway, we ended up a in little town in the middle of no where, Sprague, Washington.  This town had one motel with some rv parking in the back, one grocery store and one bar.  Oh, it also had an old truck museum, well actually, there was a block or two full of old trucks.  Cindy really liked it, but I thought it looked like an old junk yard.

DSCF2431 DSCF2422 DSCF2427 DSCF2428

Yesterday, we drove on into Seattle and ended up in an RV resort that is also a open to the public with a beach on a lake.  So there was about 1700 people in her when we arrived.  It was very interesting trying to park a fifth wheel camper with kids everywhere and boats being put in and out of the lake.  Today, Cindy and I toured downtown Seattle and Cindy got to see the Pikes market where they throw the fish.  Later we went by a friend of mine, Korina and Chris, who took us out for dinner and we had a great time talking about a multitude of topics.I tried to talk Chris in running for office since he recently retired.  I think he might do it.  We need all the Democrats we can get!!!


Cindy was wondering what you think this is??  She has an idea but I think she just has a nasty mind!


DSCF2498And the score is Larry 11 – Cindy 10!