CINDY:  Left Seattle and drove to the northwestern city of Port Angeles, Washington stopping for Bing and Ranier cherries at stands all along the road.  Life is good (until you eat too many cherries – then life is uncomfortable).  We are camped here for the week and are making daily short trips.  Every road north here ends at a rocky beach with views across Strait Juan de Fuca to Vancouver Island. DSCF2527 We’ve seen more elk here than anywhere we’ve been – huge herds. Don’t see stuff like this along the road at home. DSCF2536 We drove out to Cape Flattery – the furthest NW point in the lower 48 – and started hiking the supposedly short trail to the point.  It wasn’t that short – and dropped pretty steeply, making one wonder about the big freaking hill on the way back.  But the view at the end was worth it.  You’re on tall stone cliffs with the ocean pounding through the sea caves – some you could feel under your feet.  So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood –    DSCF2608DSCF2582

Also took the ferry over to Vancouver Island for 2 days – the city of Victoria was gorgeous.  I just can’t bring myself to talk about the rest of the trip.

The stinking score is L12-C10.  I have made some ill-advised bets (advised only by myself).DSCF2612DSCF2589