CINDY:  Spent last night in Forks, Washington.  Didn’t look like much, but seems a lot of the Twilight vampire series was based on locations in this town – so everything has the name “Twilight” in it.  Did the Hoh Rain Forest and was kinda disappointed.  It looked like all the other gorgeous forests we’ve walked through.  I thought “rain forest” meant it would look a lot different, plus the worlds largest Sitka spruce tree had blown down 7 months earlier.  Was gonna spend today stopping at all the beaches on the way down the coast, stopping first at Ruby beach.  Sun was shining when we first got there, DSCF2990and less than 5 minutes later it looked like this.  DSCF3001Timing is everything.  Popped onto several other beaches (you can drive on these) and they were all just as fogged in – but drive off the beach and the day was totally clear.  Pretty cool – even though it kinda ruined our beach day.  DSCF3005

Since Vancouver Island I have been a little peeved at Larry, and rather than fight I have decided to knit him a hat.  Passive-aggressive crafting.  He pisses me off again I’ll knit him a pair of pants.  DSCF2920