Larry- Well, Cindy says it is my turn to post something and she keeps threatening me with some wool underwear.  So out of self defense, here it is without Cindy’s humor and wit.  We left Forks, Washington and headed down the coast to a little town named Quinault ( and I mean little, it makes Montrose look like New York City.)  Anyway, we did a tour of the last water falls in Olympic Park, Washington.  They were a little disappointing but we did walk through a lodge on the Quinault Lake.  It was a very beautiful  two story log structure and was built it 1926 in 2 months and 9 days, unbelievable.

Lake Quinault Lodge

Lake Quinault Lodge

Then we were headed for a beach on the Oregon coast.  Well, after we got into cell phone range, we started calling RV parks.  Apparently, everyone on the west coast was going to the beach because no one had any vacancies anywhere on the coast.  So Cindy was mad at me again and I thought, oh shit here comes the wool underwear!  Apparently, we needed to make reservations several weeks in advance.  Anyway we ended up in a suburb of Portland for the night.  Then we went to Troutdale and spent another night and drove out along the old Columbia River Route 30.  We saw a couple of water falls and beautiful scenery but couldn’t get into several of the other waterfalls because everyone that didn’t go to the beach was out there!!  So we went back to the RV and went out early on Sunday morning and saw probably the most impressive waterfall of the trip – Multnomah Falls. DSCF3174From there we started east, and spent one more night in Rufus, Oregon.  Then, we drove on to a small town south east of Boise, Idaho.  The drive along the Columbia river was beautiful and then after that we drove to mostly desert and volcano rocks.  The only green stuff we saw was irrigated.  Anyway, we are making our way on to Salt Lake City today and looking around there for a little bit.  After that, we are going to head in a home direction.  We gave up visiting Yellow Stone because of the crowds.  I spoke to my cousin who told me that his brother and sister in law was just up there and they couldn’t get in to many of the parking spots because of the crowds.  Besides that, both Cindy and I are both on vacation overload.  I know many of you will not understand that, but after 2 and a half months of seeing incredible scenery, one starts to say, OK that is nice.  Anyway, we will be home sometime after we stop and see stuff along the way.

CINDY:  Yep – we are full up of touristy things.  Winding home the long way – Larry is very content in not knowing where we are going.  I just tell him to “turn here” and he does.

So – for a kinda wrap up.  We’ve seen some unbelievable and gorgeous things, but they were very, very far apart!  The highways through Alaska and Yukon are not the scary things many people indicate, but there are some big ass bumps that will wake you up.  The word “highway” is actually misleading – they’re just roads (not always paved) with amenities few and far between – and the majority of the few vehicles you see (outside of the towns) are obvious tourists towing or driving their rv’s.

Glaciers – if you want to see them you better go soon.  National Parks – so damn crowded you can hardly get in to them.  We won’t try them again unless it’s early or late in the season – after all those damn kids are back in school.  Larry – he makes it sound like I get mad at him when we can’t get into rv parks.  The truth is that the 2 places that went horribly wrong were the ones he was asked to make arrangements for WEEKS ahead of time.  Worlds Largest Spruce Tree – saw several.  Who measures these things? DSCF3066

Largest Spruce Tree - Lake Quinault

Largest Spruce Tree – Lake Quinault

Larry loves his new hat.DSCF3069  The score is L13-C11 – and we will definitely post again if that score changes.  Problem is we seem to be agreeing on a lot more crap than we usually do!