Larry – I thought it was time that we close this out by telling everyone that we made it home safely after one hell of a journey!  We saw so many things and stuff that will stay with us for a life time!  I would encourage everyone that has not yet experienced Alaska, DO SO!!   You will not be disappointed!

From our last post we left Idaho, we went down to Salt Lake City for a night and toured the city in an afternoon and saw about everything we wanted to see.  Then we headed east at about 80 mph since the speed limit was 75.  We got home last Friday afternoon.  Thanks to cousins, Jerry, Linda and Jenny, our house was nice and clean!!!  Brent had been mowing the yard, but Cindy’s flower beds and garden was over grown with weeds so that will keep her busy for several weeks!  I spent about 2 days in mowing the yard and around all the buildings so we could see them again.  Plus, we went to see Scott’s new bar and he immediately gave me several projects on it which will take weeks to get done!  He is hoping to open the bar in September sometime and he has a lot do do!

Anyway, after getting all of our pictures uploaded (which you can see by clicking on the pictures to the left here), we will be signing off now till our next adventure.  We appreciate you following along and all the comments that you provided.  Oh, one last thing, the final score me 14 and Cindy 11!!!  I also kicked her ass at cards too!  Safe travels to everyone!